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The perfectly balanced boat lift was completed in 2002. There is a good park and ride adjacent to the airport and a trip by tram into the city centre. Just north of the city centre and well worth a visit. Well worth a visit and right next door to Pollock House a National trust Property. A tea shop in the old stables and wooded grounds a delight to explore. At the junction of the Fourth and Clyde Canal and Union Canal the wheel replaces a flight of 11 locks. There is an antiquated tube which will take you to the Kelvin Grove, and the ride is fun. The Kelvingrove has everything from French Impressionists, to Elephants and armour. Free but check for opening as it is due for refurbishment.They shed the colourful outer parts of their bills after the breeding season, leaving a smaller and duller beak.Their short wings are adapted for swimming with a flying technique under water.Full details will be included in your Welcome Pack on arrival at Beach House Walk.Kirsty Weir’s hospitality and tourism consultancy is delighted to announce that the company has been awarded World Host Recognised Business status – because the company puts customers first.

On the beach beside the harbour, there are fossilised trees related to Horsetails, dating back to the Carboniferous geological period. Crail is based in the East Neuk of Fife, an area of the coast of Fife, Scotland.Beach House Walk is a beautifully presented and comfortable 2 bedroom semi-detached villa just a 2 minute walk from Roome Bay beach and a 2 minute drive to the nearest golf course.Situated in the East Neuk of Fife in the pretty conservation village of Crail, it's a great location to join The Fife Coastal Path walking route which boasts some of Scotland's finest coastal walks.Overlooking the Carse of Stirling, an ancient Royal Palace. Was used as a set for Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail and the BBC Ivanhoe series. On the early sailing it is possible to hire bikes or take your own (you must book to do this) sail up to the end of the loch and bike back. Or go in by train leaving from Dunblane and park below Tesco. The castle, Camera Obscura, Museums, Dynamic Earth and most of the galleries are within easy walking distance of the station. Up near the castle, great views of the city and an excellent shop. They are a must, like a natural history museum combined with science museum. You will also see the gold torques found on Blair Drummond and dating from 300 BC.

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