Rules to dating my sister

Simon was the first boy I really liked, and sometimes we held hands when nobody was looking.

Simon was sweet, funny, and had many similar interests as me. I probably sound pathetic at the moment, but I’m not...

‘Adam is your big brother’, which was usually followed with, ‘You are his baby sister and God put him here to protect you.’ It was never quite spoken, but the message that always came across loud and clear was this: Adam, the big brother, was the take-charge competent male figure.

Eve, the widdle sister, was the helpless widdle girl, and I needed to be protected at all times from the dangers of an evil world! “And, well dear, I know it's a double standard, but I'm not worried about what he and Tiffany might do, my worries are about what some slime of a guy may try to do with you.” See what I mean? My whole life this condescending double standard had been a constant theme used against me every time I wanted to do anything even remotely independent.

Dad had illogically used those damn nine minutes against me my whole life…

even stressing when I protested that Adam was born before Eve in the Bible too.

“I already told you,” my father insisted in his infuriating old school way. Not unless you double date with Adam and Tiffany.” “But you let him go to the drive-in by himself,” I pointed out, feeling like a whiney teenager, which I guess at the moment was accurate.Mix in my insecurity and shyness, and I was eighteen years old and had never been on a date.Even though Adam and I had turned eighteen already, we were only starting our senior year in the fall, since our family had spent a year on a mission to Africa when Adam and I were five, so we started school a year late.Now, I'm not cheerleader hot, you know the kind with blonde hair and blue eyes and a bitchy attitude, but I was cute in the girl next door sort of way.I was a brunette, with green eyes, and large (but well hidden), 38D breasts.

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