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I didn’t suffer with fatigue once and even taught Bodyattack, a high-energy aerobics class with moves inspired by sport and athletics, during my treatment.‘I first became a fitness instructor at 45, alongside being a school inspector.I’d been very active at school but then life got in the way, and I’d done no exercise for about 20 years.‘My job involved visiting schools, and I was always on my feet but never felt like I had much energy.If you choose a beginners’ group, you’ll soon pick up the moves.’Retired school inspector Pamela Craven, 71, lives in Berkshire with her retired husband Alan, 72, and leads at least seven high-energy fitness classes each week at Les Mills health clubs.Pamela, who has one son, says: ‘I truly believe that being fit was what helped me get through chemotherapy after I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2014.‘My body was strong, so that when my system was zapped, I could still function.Researchers from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland drew their conclusions after reviewing 85 studies involving patients with Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.‘If physical activity was a drug, it would be classed as a wonder drug,’ said Professor Dame Sue Bailey, of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, in a report to GPs across the UK.However, the latest NHS figures show that activity levels among older people are low: a staggering 54 per cent of over-75s achieve fewer than 30 minutes of activity a week.With this in mind, we spoke to five inspirational OAPs who are in the shape of their lives – despite a few aches and pains.

Family planning groups and the Swiss Aids Federation campaigned to have the Hotshot produced after a number of studies, including the government study researched at the Centre for Development and Personality Psychology at Basel University.‘Not only does remaining active reduce the risk of developing a debilitating disease such as arthritis, diabetes or dementia, it helps stave off their progression if we do fall victim,’ he said.Last month a landmark report published in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine found that no matter what disease a patient suffers from, exercise can help alleviate their condition.He says: ‘It’s never too late to start reaping the benefits.Just talk to your GP about what might be suitable for you.’For those who think gyms are simply a place for the Lycra-clad and body-beautiful, take note: chain Nuffield Health claims that over-74s are the most regular visitors to its facilities.

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Other concessions exist if the older person is not more than 20 or believed the younger person to be at least 16.

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