Updating traditional dining room

Additionally, Gordon Ramsay, Opal by Gordon Ramsay, Al-Sultan Brahim, and Hakkasan add international renown while the Vintage Bar presents a selection of signature and classic cocktails, as well as premier wines and spirits.

Reflecting the hotel’s commitment to bespoke service, our St.

Additionally, children’s menus are available at our all-day dining outlets Vine, Oyster Bay & Bar, and Opal by Gordon Ramsay.Depending on the landlord availability, location, pricing and condition, this time can be shortened to as little as 3 days.Tenants that need a Sacramento house for rent or an apartment to rent, can search our listings of houses and apartments for rent, and rent an apartment or home or rental house from at either or Simplicity, imagination, and unrivaled quality merge to exceptional results at Gordon Ramsay, the restaurant.Located on the first floor of the hotel, the elegant space features a pristine recipe of plush carpeting, evocative Middle Eastern details, and refined music.

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Without question the finest Lebanese restaurant in the city, Al-Sultan Brahim’s predecessor was founded in 1968 at Jnah on the Beirut coast, by the three El-Ramy brothers: Elias, Brahim, and Chaker, who were dedicated to a vision of impeccable, hospitable Arabian service, quality, taste, and fresh fish selected by diners and prepared to their specification by the chef. Regis Doha, a Jnah-trained master chef reprises this tradition in a fish market-style restaurant of the same name, which serves not only custom seafood but also other connoisseur favorites, including Hot and Cold Mezze, Fatoush, Taboule, and Octopus à la Provencal.

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